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Roads are wet across most of Newfoundland. Visibility on the Avalon Peninsula is poor in areas of fog.
Roads from South Brook to Triton are partly snow covered with slushy patches. On the Northern Peninsula and the Baie Verte Peninsula, roads are snow-covered with icy and slushy patches. The Burgeo Highway is partly snow covered with slushy patches.

In Labrador, the road from Lodge Bay to Red Bay remains closed due to drifting snow. From Churchill Falls to Lodge Bay, roads are snow-covered. From Ranger Lake Depot to Wabush, roads are bare and dry with icy patches.

The MV Veteran is out of service due to high winds and mechanical issues. The MV Kamutik W is in service but off schedule and the MV Qajaq W is holding at St Barbe. Morning departures have been cancelled.

Air Canada flight 2250 from Halifax to St. John’s is delayed. Flights are on time at the Gander International Airport and Deer Lake Regional Airport.

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