West Highland White Mates With Female Rottweiler And They Reproduced Wotties

It is said love has no bounds, and this is certainly proved by two dogs. West Highland white, whose name is Joey has cross-bred with a female Rottweiler named Zara, about double his size and now they are parents of 11 puppies, which have been given the name ‘Wottie’.

Zara gave birth to 11 little babies after Joey moved into her owner Teresa Patterson’s North Yorkshire home. The owner of the dogs was surprised they had mated and was unaware it had taken place until the puppies were born.

Zara delivered them and then Joey did everything else. Zara wasn’t interested but Joey would clean them up and not let anyone else near them. Sadly, four of the puppies died and Ms Patterson was forced to step in them when Zara refused to feed them

She fed the seven remaining animals, Weetabix and scrambled egg to keep them strong and even gave them Horlicks to help them sleep.

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