Family Found Creepy Thing In Their House Asked Internet To Indentify It

More than 99.9 percent of horrifying house stories begin the same way. The owners move into a house that seems too good to be true. Then there is finally some gruesome discovery. This family found in water meter box something more horrifying and scary.

An Imgur user from Brisbane, Australia Robbie1249 posted some creepy looking pictures so that people on the internet can help him out about this strange alien like creature.

His family from Australia has discovered this creepy nest lookalike thing which they opened after a very long time. And it is Australia there could be a possibility of anything.

People from around the world are equally shocked to see this alien thing.

He said: “This case is about 20 × 40 large cm, near the only fly in the fly, no other animal, but because they do not know what it is, so hesitant to clear out …”

We generally open few places in our house very rare and spider web, grasses, mosses are obvious to grow but nothing like this was ever seen.

Of course, this is the Internet, although many people have joked: “touched the alien”, “you will become an alien”, “might have super powers,” and so on.

But some people said this is actually harmless and rare. Really? Even harmless things occur in Australia.

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