Unaware Of Danger Few Inches Away, Mom Clicked Pictures Of Her Toddler

This is frightening yet funny incident about Bianca Dickinson who is a mother of four kids and lives in Victoria in Australia in a rural Wimmera region.

She was clicking pictures of her adorable toddler on the driveway, the little one was having equal fun while posing.

But all the excitement of mother demised when she saw a deadly serpent very close to her daughter.

She was waiting for her eldest three children to come home on the school bus that day, at the lower side of a kilometre-long driveway near Kaniva.

At the moment she took a photograph of her daughter Molly, her youngest, two-year-old daughter, at the end of their driveway and unknowingly captured an eastern brown snake crawling close to the toddler.

Bianca posted the picture on Instagram  and wrote,

“I could see the bus coming and Molly and I were near our mailbox, so I crouched down and looked at her through the lens. I guess I was focused on her so I didn’t see anything else. It was really windy and then I saw this flash and I just thought it was bark coming off the tree.

When I looked up it was already halfway past, I could see the tail between Molly’s legs. I think it was touching her boots it was that close. My initial instinct was to run and grab her but I thought, no if I do that the snake might come back. I froze and luckily she copied me.”

As soon as her three eldest children got off the school bus. She yelled at them to get in the car and checked her phone to find only that she had captured a giant reptile.

“Molly looked at the photo when I showed her and she just said, ‘that’s me’,” her blessed mother said.

Little Molly is happy and unaware of her close confrontation with the eastern brown snake.

Eastern browns are responsible for about 60 percent of snakebite deaths in Australia and are the second deadliest breed of snakes after Taipan.

Well, she nearly saw death passing by her daughter, fortunately, nothing happened to her baby girl.

In future, Molly will have an adventurous story to share among her friends.

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