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The Canadian Federation of Students – Newfoundland & Labrador is calling for accountability from Memorial University administration following the release of the Auditor General’s report highlighting the extensive mismanagement of funds. Further, CFS is calling on government to reinstate funding to the university with direct allocations of how it is to be spent to better support students, faculty, and the province.

In a statement to media this morning, CFS-NL noted the recent release of the Auditor General’s report shows that the administration has been misusing funds to avail of private limousines, custom gifts, and up to 95 paid days leave, while students have been forced to struggle with increased costs to access their right to education. 

“Memorial University administration has a history of continuing to lavish themselves with fancy meals, and allowing highly bloated salaries, which has been made evident in this report, noting how Memorial has the highest administrative salary per student in this country,” states Chairperson, Mary Feltham. “Students are outraged to see how the administration continues to ignore the rights of students, forcing many out of school, or sacrificing other essentials to be able to complete their educational career.”

CFS-NL says students are energized to take to the streets on Nov. 8 during the National Day of Action to make it clear that Education is a Right.

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