St. John’s Reopens Cantilever Bridge in Bowring Park  – NTV

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The Cantilever Bridge in Bowring Park has been reopened to the public after it was closed in May for repair and maintenance work.

The structure received Provincial and Municipal Heritage Designation in 2020 due to its age, architectural and environmental values.

Rehabilitation work included general reinforced concrete rehabilitation works, graffiti removal, replacement of handrailing, waterproofing and paving the bridge deck.

According to Heritage NL, the bridge is not only noteworthy for its design but also the role of its nationally and internationally prominent designers. In 1958, the City commissioned the Montreal architect firm, van Ginkel Associates, to work on a new development plan for Bowring Park that included new amenities, a pedestrian bridge and a road bridge. The van Ginkel’s designed the Cantilever Bridge and invited the UK-based engineering firm Ove Arup and Partners to undertake the engineering work on the bridge.

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