Soft Side Of Wild Life When Rhino Approaches Photographer For Belly Rub

Like an ordinary day for cameraman Garth De Bruno Austin, who was shooting a conservation film about rhino poaching in South Africa, suddenly was approached by a rhino asking for a belly rub. All of this scene was captured in a 15-second video by his girlfriend that proves even rhinos need some love and pamper.

Austin writes

“If a rhino walks straight up to you while you’re filming and wants some rubs… you better rub that rhino like your life depends on it!,”. “Lucky for me she left my URSA Mini 4K camera alone!”

Austin’s girlfriend, environmental scientist Morgan Pelt, captured this amazing video, and it became viral. As an example of animal love, Austin said that rhino was a wild and furious animal, he had pressure built up a level of trust and bond with it by filming it over the course of a few years.

“Do NOT try and do this with a truly wild rhino as it may end up with you being dead!,” Austin said. He also said. “FYI, I did not approach this animal, it was completely her decision to let me come into her personal space and touch her.”

The rhino is safe, and has been dehorned to help deter any poachers.

The usually peaceful creatures were thought to be sleeping when the attack took place and, with their clever ability, realised they were under threat.

Serves them right!

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