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The RCMP is reporting an increase in prank 911 calls from youth.

Police are warning the public that what may seem like a harmless practical joke creates a serious public safety risk, with repercussions that can include criminal charges.

Prank calls pose significant risks to the public, including:

  • Diverting critical resources away from actual life-threatening situations;
  • Delaying response times; and
  • Undermining public trust in the 9-1-1 service.

Parents, caregivers and educators are urged to remind youth that 911 should only be used in an emergency when immediate help is required from emergency services. It is also important to note that when a child is given a cellular phone without a SIM card or voice plan, the phone is still able to call 911.

Resources are available to help teach youth about the importance of using 9-1-1 appropriately.

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