Police Officer Rescued Drunk Teenager On Facebook Messenger

Sometimes in our teenage days many of us have got so drunk that we don’t know where we live, what is our landline number, neighbourhood etc. That’s what happened to one Cardiff University student who ended up getting help from the police in a very weird way.

A polite police officer recused, Cameron, a drunk student by the help of facebook group chat, the incident could have been tragic but it turned out to be viral and funny.

The South Wales Police officers from Cathays police station used his phone to contact his friends on Facebook Messenger group chat saying: ‘Hello it’s the police on Cameron’s phone. He is very drunk and we are dropping him home. He does not know what number…he lives on’. Cameron’s friend Lawrence Court, who is also a member of the group said he was ‘surprised’ to have received the message from the police.

“We naturally thought it wasn’t real and that Ron Cameron was playing a prank with us,” another friend of his said.  In the beginning, they thought it is all rubbish but they informed him about his address in sceptical mindset.

After being informed of the correct address, the officers messaged: ‘We will get him home safe now. Don’t forget to thank your friendly neighbourhood officers at Cathays station’.  After they saw selfie of the police officer they took it seriously and sooner the incident became viral on twitter.

When friends on the group were uncertain whether the contact was genuine, an officer even posted a selfie of himself. The police officer could have arrested him but instead, he helped him which is a very generous effort made by any cop, he deserves respect.

So last night the police interrupted our group chat in the most spectacular way 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/prA8HfJOu8

— Loaf (@Loafc7) March 14, 2017

Cameron is totally unaware of whatever happened with him last night but he is quite viral and famous on social media. This incident is getting a hilarious on twitter and Facebook and unknowingly a drunk boy and a humble cop got International fame overnight.

@bradlovegrove so funny 😂😂😂

— Loaf (@Loafc7) March 14, 2017

@Loafc7 @lazasher @Scarl_lalala @caramerry18 imagine if this happened in our group chat with lauren 😹😹😹

— simran (@simrankaux) March 15, 2017

@Loafc7 without a doubt, you sir, have made my year

— Meliodas (@willpcourt) March 14, 2017

@AmyGerges10 @Loafc7 @Saff139 @mollielusty @Emmelou_xxx ahaha saw that last night so joke

— liv morris (@Livi_m0rris) March 15, 2017

@jakeellis123 @Loafc7 mate theyd bring back public hanging, imagine how much wed terror if they put its the police your friends drunk in r’s

— Danny K🌴 (@DanKilgallon1) March 16, 2017

@jamalmuloma1 @Loafc7 @MattyJordan95 @samuelbriffa @Sam_wade94 didn’t even capitalise the H ffs…

— Navraj Kalkat (@Navraj_SK) March 16, 2017

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