Photographer Captured Never Before Seen Moscow Subway Stations Architecture

A photographer from Canada(Vancouver) David Burdney a year ago was allowed by the Russian Government to take pictures of Moscow metro station, he got a permit of two weeks and in between so short time span, he captured an art exhibition like pictures from the metro station. In the pictures we can see the interiors and designs on the wagon which is so well crafted by the architect, his work in terms of pattern work, motif, paintings etc. is beyond awesome.

Also, the effort of photographer is amazing as he thought of showing the world one of the greatest example of architecture to the world which was quite underrated for 80 years, and no other metro around the world is so beautiful and rich heritage wise.

This picture is of Kiyevskaya station beautifully captured by Canadian Photographer.

This is Avtovo metro which has unique and highly ornate design features columns faced with ornamental glass on all of the columns.

Elektrozavodskaya Station similar named as the electric light bulb factory nearby, is covered with six rows of circular incandescent inset lamps (of which there were 318 in total).

Taganskaya Metro Station – Moscow’s stations somewhat resemble the pre-Soviet Russian Empire’s palaces, but in 1935 when the metro was opened, its designs advertised communism.

Komsomolskaya Metro Station – Metro Stations participated in creating Socialism, so Stalin(the architect of Moscow metro station) encompassed the concept of “svet” (light), and “sveltloe budushchee” (a bright future), in his work.

The deeper line that was built beneath places like Aeroport Metro Station is said to connect the Kremlin with other important stops around the city. The Metro is now over 80 years old.

Mayakovaskaya is Considered to be one of the most beautiful in the system, it is a fine example of pre-World War II Stalinist Architecture. There are certainly plenty of beautiful sights to see along the way.

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