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Both the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP are calling for emergency debates in the House of Assembly.

Newly-elected PC leader Tony Wakeham wants an immediate debate on the cost of living, delivering an emergency motion on the opening day of the fall sitting in the House of Assembly.

“I committed to bring forward this emergency debate on my first day in the House of Assembly, based on the thousands of conversations I’ve had with Newfoundlanders and Labradorians about the cost of living crisis,” he says. “I’m appalled the Liberal Government would refuse to address the cost of living crisis facing everyone who calls Newfoundland and Labrador home.

“We all know this is a national issue. But the Liberals want to use that as an excuse to throw up their hands and do nothing,” adds Wakeham. “The people of our province cannot wait any longer for meaningful cost of living relief.”

This afternoon, NDP leader Jim Dinn will call for an emergency debate on the province’s housing crisis.

In just a year, rental costs in the province increased by 8.4%, the second highest increase in the country. For two weeks, homeless people have built a tent city pleading with the province to act.

“People across our province have lost hope that they will ever be able to access a safe and affordable place to call home,” says Dinn. “The Liberal government has been promising a comprehensive housing plan since 2015, and failed. Their inaction to address and ignorance of the crisis has lead to tents being put up on the lawns of the Confederation Building, students are deferring their studies until they can find an affordable housing option, seniors and families are facing exorbitant rent increases, and minimum wage workers are working multiple jobs to pay rent.

“That’s why today we are introducing a notice of motion calling for an emergency debate to declare a housing crisis in Newfoundland and Labrador and demand government act accordingly to the magnitude of the crisis in housing people are facing,” he says.

NTV’s legislative reporter Ben Cleary will have a full report this evening on the NTV Evening Newshour.

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