NAPE to host Nearly 100 delegates at Home Care Conference in St. John’s – NTV

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NAPE will be hosting its Home Care Worker Conference in St. John’s this weekend. The union represents nearly 4,000 home and youth care workers across the province.

The conference brings together home care workers from across the province to collaborate, hold workshops, elect representatives, and strategize for collective bargaining.

“Home Care workers play a vital role in our province – they allow seniors and others to age and stay in their homes and in their communities while reducing stress and strain on our healthcare system,” said NAPE President Jerry Earle. “While we have made progress over the years at the bargaining table – more must be done to protect home care workers and ensure they get the recognition, pay, and benefits they deserve for the incredibly valuable work they do.”

“We are headed to the bargaining table for these workers in the coming months and this conference is a major step in our preparation for that effort,” said Earle. “Achieving the best deal possible – one that recognizes the important work these

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