How Grownup Lucy From The Chronicles Of Narnia Appears Now

The Chronicles Of Narnia premiered in theaters over 12 years ago, surprisingly so much time has passed by. Two more instalments were released, over the last few years and many of the characters in the show are shown to be growing up along with it.

In all the three films, the character of Lucy was played by Georgie Henley from Yorkshire, England.

The little girl Lucy’s character etched a special place in the hearts and minds of her many fans.

While playing the character of Lucy, Georgia was just seven years old.

She was able to impress the director at the audition who instantly identified her to be the perfect one to play the character of Lucy.

To get a genuine reaction from her in a scene where Lucy meets the fawn, played by James McAvoy.

The director did not allow her to see him unless the shoot began. It was a splendid reaction!

And during the filming of the second movie, she had grown a little bigger and this is how she looked then.

She then grew up to be a fifteen-year-old, in the 3rd film. this film not just completed the film’s trilogy but also brought an end to her adolescent days.

She said,

“It was very emotional, and something I had quite a bit of trouble with. It’s a bittersweet moment. I’m very excited about what’s to come, and I hope to be moving on to new things. But all good things come to an end. Also, Narnia has taught me everything I know about acting, and I wouldn’t be anywhere without it.”

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