French (Military) Ship Monge in St. John’s Harbour – NTV

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The French Ship Monge, operated by the French Navy, designated A601, is an impressive vessel with a length of approximately 225 meters (738 feet) and a displacement of around 21,500 tons. This substantial size enables the ship to carry advanced tracking systems, telemetry equipment, and radar facilities, making it a formidable presence on the seas. Its spacious design accommodates a diverse range of scientific and military instruments, allowing for precise data collection and analysis during experiments and missile tests. This extensive capacity underscores the Monge’s pivotal role as a floating laboratory and a cornerstone of France’s naval capabilities.

A helicopter on the aft deck of the French Ship Monge

The vessel serves as a versatile floating platform with both scientific and military applications. Primarily, it supports and monitors missile tests, ensuring the precision of defense systems. Equipped with advanced radar facilities, the Monge contributes significantly to France’s national security efforts. Additionally, the vessel functions as a floating laboratory, conducting scientific experiments related to meteorology, oceanography, and geophysics. Its international collaborations emphasize its role as a hub for shared knowledge and research endeavors, showcasing its impact on both scientific exploration and military technology.

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