Why Elisha Cuthbert Is No Longer Seen In Hollywood Movies?

Why is the “the girl next door” star Elisha Cuthbert is no longer seen in Hollywood movies?

The Girl Next Door star Elisha Cuthbert, the sexy Canadian actress has faded limelight. Her career was on the peak just ten years ago.

Cuthbert was predicted to be one of Hollywood’s top star and coming years but now her fans are left wondering what she’s been up to these days and why any movie didn’t cast her anymore.

The story of this cute and sexy girl began in this industry when she was 9, Cuthbert got into. After successfully modelling children’s clothing her acting career began at the age of 14 with a breakout role on Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?

RegalSeriousJanenschia She played the same character from 1996-2000, which helped her bagging lead roles in several seemingly low budget movies such as Dancing on the Moon and Time at the Top.

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Though none of these films received very well by audiences or critics, but the experience helped her to grab the most recognizable role as Kim Bauer on the hit television show 24.

This would certainly demonstrate a sign of success for any up and coming actor, however, Cuthbert wanted to be more than just a television star. She soon found herself in a few major movies, and soon tagged as a television actress.

In 2004, Cuthbert played Danielle in The Girl Next Door, a young retired porn star who moves in next door to an average high school senior, ultimately changing his life forever.

Originally Director was about to cast Katie Holmes for the part, but after a conversation, with director Luke Greenfield they quickly realized that Elisha is a better choice.

They expected the movie to be a huge hit, like Pretty Woman and lure the audience same way. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and marketing was targeted for not making the movie seem expected enough in trailers.

The result was that the movie made just over $31 million, only $6 million over their production budget, very disappointing directors and producers. While Cuthbert wasn’t criticized for her performance in The Girl Next Door.

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Just within a month after The Girl Next Door, Cuthbert began filming for her next project, House of Wax. Playing one of six teenagers who end up lost in the woods after a car trouble, Supernatural star Jared Padalecki played her onscreen boyfriend, they walk to a nearby town and ultimately stumble upon a wax museum.

Inspired by a movie with the same title that came out in the ’50s.The New York Times called the movie a “high-end frightener” which was a very common line for this genre. They also made witty reviews on Cuthbert’s cleavage scene and the movie was trolled as “torture porn”.

MiniatureSecondhandEstuarinecrocodile Cuthbert returned to television in the short television show happy endings, which was stereotyped and average but still a good hope.

This 34-year-old gorgeous actress has done a number of Canadian films and is married to hockey player Dionne Phaneuf and the couple manages their lives between Canada and LA.

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By the grace of her role in recent Canadian comedies like the Goon sequel Last of Enforcers, she got new life in her career. Recently Cuthbert has starred alongside Ashton Kutcher in “The Ranch” Netflix originals.

However, she will always be remembered as the girl in “the girl next door”. Few roles leave such an impact on our lives that we cannot forget them ever.

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