Dopplegangers Of Disney Characters In Real Life

When we were kids, we always pretended to be our favourite characters from animated series, we tried to make expressions, voice pitch, gestures like them but then that was just playing and acting. But recently I observed that something like that exists in reality.

There is saying that 7 people in the world have the same face, I don’t know how much it holds true but you can’t ignore real life copies of Disney’s animated characters of the last few decades.

Here are those 24 people listed below who are sharing the facial expressions with some of the famous cartoon characters:

1. Now Ursula is out of the water. She is in Ukraine, a well educated judicial officer.

2. He is as cute as carl from movie UP.

3. This is linguini from Ratatoullie.

4. The famous Anaconda singer Nicky Minaj is fashion savage. So is Mrs Potato head.

5. Jason mMomoa as Lion King, or lion king as KhalDrogo, both look equally furious and original.

6. Flash the sloth from Zootopia.

7. This kid is like Russell from the movie UP.

8. Hero Hamado with his Baymax in Big Hero 6.

9. The only difference between Mother Gothel and Lisa Edelstein is hair straight and “tangled”.

10. Jean Sarkozy is as hot as Prince Adam of Beauty and Beast.

11. This girl must be famous as Merida from Brave among her friends and classmates.

12. The reaction of this girl was stunned and shocked when she saw Mary Katherine in movie Epic.

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