Completely Unknown Inventions That Are Far More Than Awesome

We are living in a modern world but still want if some product can ease daily life chores or atleast able to save time, making activity enjoyable and less boring. Below are some wise inventions with sole the purpose of lessening monotonous ways. For example, everyone knows how much it is time consuming to slice a watermelon and that too in equally, so that your kids won’t fight for bigger piece.

1. A handy gizmo for cutting melons looks so satisfying.

2. Rock climb and swim, in case you fall down.

3. Toast your bread anywhere with this portable toaster.

4. Modern Egg Boiler

5. A crib designed with chair aside. So that your baby won’t be alone.

6. Two in one: a glass for beer and shots

7. Mobile phone holder

8. Magnetic clothes hanger

9. Portable aquarium

10. Nozzle for a soup pot

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