At a festival in Michigan, an unusual incident unfolded when a dog in a golf cart unintentionally accelerated and ran over a 4-year-old girl.

Fortunately, the child emerged without any visible injuries, as reported by the Westland fire department, situated on the western fringes of Detroit.

During the Blues, Brews, and Barbecue event on Friday, the cart’s driver’s seat was occupied by Bella, the department’s arson dog. Unexpectedly, Bella leaped onto the pedal, propelling the cart toward a cluster of people. A firefighter seated in the passenger seat swiftly seized the steering wheel to regain control. However, the only individual who was struck was the young girl. The department elucidated in a press release on Saturday, “The front tire on the passenger side rolled over her left leg.”

Remarkably, the child experienced considerable shock but appeared to have avoided physical harm. Her mother declined further medical assistance beyond the initial evaluation by paramedics. In an astonishing display of resilience, the girl was found playing in a bounce house merely ten minutes later.

The fire department has announced plans to reintroduce Bella to the cart, implementing additional safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

The incident at the Michigan festival has prompted a reflection on the unexpected chain of events that led to the dog-driven cart mishap. Authorities and festival organizers have expressed relief that the outcome was not more serious and are taking steps to ensure enhanced safety protocols going forward.

Bella, the accidental driver of the golf cart, has been a beloved member of the fire department, known for her role as an arson dog. Her unintentional involvement in this incident highlights the unpredictable nature of situations, even when involving well-trained animals.

The incident has sparked conversations about the need for vigilant supervision and proper control, especially in public events where animals are present. The festival’s attendees, including parents of young children, have voiced appreciation for the quick response of the firefighter who managed to steer the cart away from a more chaotic situation.

While the young girl emerged physically unscathed, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety measures and vigilance, even in seemingly controlled environments. Authorities have assured the public that Bella will return to her role, accompanied by strengthened precautions to prevent any recurrence of such incidents.

As festivals and events continue to provide opportunities for communal enjoyment, the incident involving Bella and the golf cart serves as a cautionary tale, urging organizers and attendees alike to prioritize safety and remain alert to unexpected developments.

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