Amazon Tribal Art Based Tattoo Designs That Are Far More Than Impressive

As time passes, ancestral history and culture get forever buried. Forever gone its value until realised there is nothing left for future generations to learn. With this in mind, Brazilian artist Brian Gomes has tried to preserve this Amazonian tribal treasure by creating an artwork using Brazilian and Peruvian based traditional tattoo designs fused with his ideas which seem easily adaptable to modernists.

He has cherished the Amazonian spirit inspired by the geometric artwork of indigenous tribes.

Sao Paulo based artist says, “I am constantly inspired by Brazillian indigenous graphics, sacred geometry, Islamic and oriental patterns”.

He claims that Tattoos are the ripe fruit of the soul.

His work is distinct on his own that is colorful and symbolic.

His work details intricate patterns as a way of inner beauty.

He respects traditional patterns and tries not to copy instead uses them to get inspiration to pay homage to indigenous tribes.

Symmetrical designs, geometrical interwoven lines, bright and vibrant colors are all the parts of his showcase.

Gomes is mainly influenced by Peruvian Shipibo Conibo Tribe and Brazillian Huni Kuin clan.

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