Adorable Baby Spa Photos Are Making Rounds All Over Internet

After a long day’s activities of crying, kicking rolling and screaming, all a baby needs is relaxing warm bath and a great massage to rejuvenate and restore its energies. Baby Spa Perth in Western Australia is customised to do exactly that for the babies.

It offers high-class hydrotherapy or water therapy and massages exclusively for its clients who must be less than 6 months of age.

They even take pride in the fact that their very own patented flotation device, known as the Bubby are specially designed to keep their clients happy by serving their needs appropriately.

Not only are these mini-baths insanely adorable, they’re highly relaxing for little ones and even helps in preparing them for swimming lessons.

Photos from the spa are making the rounds on the Internet, and people are overloaded with the cuteness of babies floating on the water and having a massage done by an expert.

The baby lovers are found in huge numbers all over, so this Spa has over 11.5k followers have on their official Instagram page.

Though Baby Spa Perth is the first of its kind in Australia, it joins a line of international franchises. Spa founder, Laura Sevenus, also operates baby spas in England, South Africa, and Spain.

What a place this Spa offers to the babies. It helps to the parents and the babies to bond well with each other too.

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