This Women Cannot Accept How Anyone Can Happily Take Her Rejection.

The actual purpose of  Tinder was to make people find their love in this hectic world easily. I guess the developer had a good motive and wanted to be a cupid but this is what I think or he thought.

In reality, the use of this app is totally different, extra horny men, women use it to show their personal stuff, availability, needs and so on. Not only this, people like to prank on tinder.

Recently something like natural prank happened on tinder where this young lady who was trying to throw tantrum after her first date with a guy she found through Tinder.

As you can see by Imgur user mwasbabu16‘s screenshots:

tinder girl (5)

This unknown guy very politely texted her about his experience with her on their first date, which she replied back with friendship rather than romantic relationship agreement and the guy accepted it with no issues, from here started the story of expectations getting crushed.

tinder girl (6)

This girl was not able to accept that he was cool with it and she texted him back more stupid than anyone could have thought. “Seriously!?,” the girl asks. “I know rejection stings but you don’t have to get salty and attempt to throw it back in my face!

tinder girl (2)

Wow… lol I feel sorry for you. I really do.

tinder girl (1)

tinder girl (3)

The guy was texting back in very polite and well-mannered way, but this lady was not able to handle her broken dreams of rejecting a guy.

tinder girl (4)

Well, we don’t know how this date was but its end is really funny.  These screenshots are together hilarious. If you are thinking to take advantage of being a girl, then good luck ladies, guys are not always dumb and desperate.