Woman Single Handedly Cuts Down 25 Percent Food Wastage Of An Entire Nation

Did you finish all that was on your plate today? Yesterday? Or every day? Didn’t you? Or you don’t even remember that, correct? True, we have been wasting food every day, that does being completely oblivious and mindless if the damage being caused due to that.

It’s not just you and me doing so. This is rampant everywhere in the world. Imagine this, no less than a tonne of food is wasted across the world.

This scenario is prevalent in spite of the fact that millions of people all over the world suffer from hunger, poverty and malnourishment.


There are 78 countries suffering from hunger. Though these figures are disheartening, we are going to share a very inspiring story.

A young Danish woman, Selina Juul have been rigorously working for the past five years to reduce food wastage in her country. And the great news is that she has been single-handedly successful in reducing the food wastage in her country by a significant 25 percent.


After returning to Denmark from Russia, she was shocked to see the amount of food that was wasted there.

Selena said, “I started to see this food waste culture and I got very angry, I got angry for many, many, many years.

She got immensely dedicated to the cause and opened a Facebook group called “stop wasting food”. It received huge national media coverage because of its noble cause.

‘Rena 1000’ a supermarket chain in Denmark got in touch with her to her achieve her goal of food wastage reduction.


They are working together to develop new ideas of reducing wastage. She has become popular and well known all across the country. The supermarket is selling food items in very small packages to minimise wastage.

She also came up with the idea of ‘doggy bags’ which means people should carry any leftovers from their meals in a restaurant and put it to use the next day.


They have even published a recipe book from leftovers. They are also in collaboration with the Government and the EU to fight the wastage of food.


Though a graphic designer by profession, Selena spends most of her time to fight food wastage reduction in her country. The collaborations have tremendously helped Selena achieve her goal of reducing the wastage of food as much as possible.

Denmark is blessed to have a socially responsible citizen like her. She has been praised for her achievement in being able to feed millions that earlier went hungry.


Food is one item that cannot be thrown in garbages. Let’s get inspired by the story of this young woman and do our bit to spread awareness about food wastage and the measures that can be adopted to curbside it.

Source: Independent