Playing Ed Sheeran On Repeat At Her Residence Lands A Woman In Jail

A woman seemingly in great love with the Ed Sheeran’s new song played it on repeat at the cost of causing irritation to the neighbors who had to finally complain to the police. And she landed up in jail, so much for the love of the new song “shape of you

Ridiculous? Right!

But then not everyone should be taken for granted and made to be a fan of Sheen’s catchy new song “shape of you”. Added to that fact, if you make people bear with repeatedly listening to the song you are playing on a loudspeaker, then this comes as a no surprise.


As it happened the woman’s neighbors were annoyed and frustrated, and just wanted to be spared of all the noise around! Yeah, music can be noise under situations like these.

Clare Tidmarsh clearly lost her patience, and got highly irritated when her neighbor, who was in love with Ed Sheeran’s new track, kept playing it at full volume of about half an hour, non-stop!

The woman who was a mum of three did not stop playing the latest Ed Track on the loudspeaker. This really did not go down well with Mrs Tidmarsh. This bizarre case happened in Howe Crescent, Willenhall and the matter went to the court.


Judge Judge Philip Gregory said

it was a wholly unacceptable level of disturbance through loud noise involving music, shouting, swearing and banging – time and time again – emanating from Miss Bryce’s home.”

It seemed the woman had been in the habit of causing noise annoyance with her music choice. Not all people approve of such loud music.

The woman, Bryce is no doubt a fan of loud music but not being considerate of the neighbors had landed her up in jail for a six-week term earlier this year.

After being released from jail, last month, instead of playing it low, she took to her old ways and again caused immense torture to her neighbours by playing Ed’s latest music track.

And now, she is again found guilty and sent to a jail for eight weeks. The judge observed that her behaviour was completely anti-social.

Here’s a video of the song to help you remind of the famous “ shape of you” lyrics and music.

Nice song, but can’t take it on repeat basis, right?

Thankfully, we don’t have a neighbor like her who wouldn’t care for the amount of noise it creates for others who don’t have the love for such musical choices in similar proportions!