After Shedding Lots Of Weight, Woman Needs Help To Remove Excess Skin

Everyone judges with looks to scale, any imperfection makes your life sad and dull. In the fight to overcome such condition of huge body depression,

In the fight to overcome such condition of huge body depression, Kayla Butcher, a 24-year-old from Canada, was once weighed nearly 400 pounds and has transformed herself into a whole new girl.

It began when Kayla was diagnosed with depression at age of 14. Only eating was bliss for her, resulting in a gain of weight.

At 16, she left home and moved to a new city for college studies, and due to junk food and stuff, she put on 145 pounds.

Although Kayla was an active child and engaging in hockey, softball, track, and volleyball but a sudden increase in weight stopped her from playing such games.

She failed two courses continuously and lost financial help and dropped out of college, later her boyfriend also broke up with her.

Kayla was raised with her five siblings in her toxic, sick home that was overfed her with junk food. She says “Swiss Rolls and Zebra Cakes were my downfalls.

We never had limits on what we could eat.” It all began since then and gained weight real quick.

Kayla has shed 186 pounds in past few years, and she is very proud of with her remarkable form.

All she now has is a cover of excess skin hanging along her thighs, underarms and over her belly, estimating 20 pounds of skin encumbering her.

She says “Everything is loose, saggy, wrinkly, and deflated”.

Although her gastric bypass surgery was paid by public health care, but according to the policy of this health care skin removal for people who have no medical issues such as skin acne and irritation, is not covered by them as it falls under cosmetic.

Kayla has calculated the cost of skin removal could be approximate to $7,000 and $20,000 after arm, leg, and breast is included.

To raise $10,000 for her further surgery Kayla recently set up a GoFundMe page. Her page is receiving attention from many people, and also few are getting inspiration to shed their weight off.

Hopefully, she will get enough donation for her next procedure.

While in the meantime, she remains upbeat, she wants to live her life to the fullest, in her words,

” I want to be full of life and not watch it pass me by. A positive outlook can make all the difference.”