Evil Woman Allegedly Smashed Puppies Just To Give Their Mother A Lesson

Here is an incident about another demonic human being. This time police in Bengaluru (India) have registered a case against a woman who has done most inhuman attempt last week.

Dogs are most lovable, favourite pets, and most people have a soft corner for them unless she is some kind of monster by heart.

A black dog

This sad and cruel incident is about a devil woman who allegedly bashed eight newborn puppies against a rock to teach their mother(Ammu) a lesson, who gave birth to the puppies in a drainage under her gate.

A black dog laying on top of dry grass

Name of this wicked lady is Ponnamma, she is a wife of an ex-flight Lieutenant. On 15 march, she brutally bashed those newborn lives, just because she hates stray dogs. Seven puppies died on that day.

The enraged neighbours, including retired air force servicemen, buried the puppies and registered a complaint against Ponnamma, with CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) on March 17 and soon the NGO registered a complaint against Ponnamma with the Peenya police.

“When we asked her how she could kill innocent puppies and that she had no right to do that, she said she wanted to teach the mother a lesson so that she doesn’t litter or come near her house again,” she said.

A nearby resident said, “When we asked her about it, she just said, achcha nahi laga, fek diya (didn’t like it, threw it)”. This insane lady has no point and sense.

puppies-and- mother-1

Four-year-old Ammu, even after five days roams around the site where her pups were killed, she is still wondering what happened to her innocent babies. Police have booked Ponnamma for cruelty towards animals under various sections and if found guilty, she could be sentenced to jail for up to five years.

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This incident again made us rethink are we really human? Because few things make us worst in all species and this is an example of it.

Source: Indiatimes