Woman Adopts Neighbor's Kids And Finds Her House Was Not The Same Anymore

This is a very heart touching story of two neighbours, while there is so much selfishness and hatred in the world, here is an inspirational story for all. Single mother Audrey was suffering from second phase of esophageal cancer.


She had to go on regular check ups to the hospital and therefore asked her neighbour Tisha, to take care of her three children.

Tisha is the mother of five kids still, this generous lady promised to help her neighbour in her most difficult time.


When Audrey was diagnosed with esophahgeal cancer with gastric cancer, she asked Tisha to be the legal guardian of her kids.

Tisha works in a casino and is already struggling from hand to mouth to take care of her five kids but she agreed to adopt Audrey kids as she says “I don’t want them to go through the same things  I have experienced, and children should be children”.


Well, facing the bitter side of reality Tisha, the young two children of Audrey needed to make separate rooms, and the house had no space. Children had to share beds, there was no scope of privacy.


Her 17-year-old daughter needed separate open space to sleep, and the 18-year-old son slept on the sofa as long as his roommate was not out of his space.


This lady was struggling hard to survive with 8 kids, then to her rescue came FOX5 squad, it happened as a reporter was covering her experience and she asked channel to help her.


And to her surprise, they actually transformed her house from into something luxurious and big, with big furniture and space for all.


From donation of neighbours and television, the couple not only had perfect space in the house but also got free grocery purchase for a year. Their 18-year-old eldest son also received $1500 rental fund, and United Nissan company sent them on holiday. Tisha in an interview said that “I cannot believe that someone will do this much for us, and I don’t believe that I have done something special”.

No doubt she did what she felt right, but living in such difficult conditions with 8 kids needs courage and a very big heart, and for such a step of kindness she deserves this reward.