You Will Give Up After Watching Sad Reality Of Cosmetics

When it comes to personal care products, many of us are unaware of the chemicals, we’re happily applying them over our skin without knowing the reality.

The ugly truth is not all ingredients are clean, and some are actually slowly poisoning our bodies, speeding up the ageing process and are capable of causing irreparable damage and worst, some of them are made from blood and flesh of pity animals.


These same toxic beauty products try to mock nature with synthetic and toxic substances masquerading as ‘natural’, ‘pure’ and ‘safe’.

Talking about Animal testing on cosmetics, it is one of the worst sides of the cosmetic industry. Although it was banned in the United Kingdom (UK) in 1998, it does still occur in other areas of the world. The European Union (EU), introduced a testing and marketing ban in march 2009.

Cosmetics testing on animals relates to many aspects of the manufacturing process. Animal testing may occur on the full, finished product or it may occur on individual ingredients within a formulation.

Another country may even be contracted to conduct the testing within the cosmetic company’s homeland or it may be contracted out to a country where animal testing is not completely banned.

List of companies released by PETA, where animals are experimented on and used:


Looking towards your favorite cosmetic products, have you ever thought what could be the worst? Do you pay to kill a life to make you look beautiful? The beauty industry is certainly on the rise.

By 2017 it is estimated to reach the record $265 billions per year.


However, the real price of beauty goes well beyond these numbers. What L’Oreal, Maybelline, Estee Lauder have in common apart from producing widely popular makeup products, is that they still practice animal testing according to PETA investigations. Over 100,000 animals are estimated to suffer and die per year so that, girls can enjoy new lip colours.


A vast number of alternative testing technologies have been researched and introduced in the last decade ranging from 3D printing to stem cells that are used for growing new organs. Sadly, most brands choose the crude option.


Each year, more than 100 million animals – including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds – are killed in various medical, cosmetic, food, drug laboratories for human benefit.facts-about-cosmetics-3

Another big brand continues to use animal testing as the “Joxxson & Joxxson” (X & Johnson). Who has not used their baby oil, talcum powder or shampoo?


In fact, there are more brands, Maxx Kxx, Axxn, Esxxe Lxxder etc., although these brands in the United States has stopped using animals to test products, but in other countries, they still continue doing it.


The brands do not want these photographs to be seen by consumers, but these “experiments” are done on daily basis.


There is a shampoo maker L’Oxxal, Panxxne with Rexxon. They used terrier to test their products just to see if it will affect human eyes to see. 



So that’s how to change your face and killing someone uselessly. It’s time to say NO to cruelty and yes to organic and natural beauty. Now, before you buy these products: hair dyes, cosmetics, shampoo, etc., please look at this site, or you can also use the PETA site search.