While Wife Voted For Trump, Her Husband Gets Deported

A man named Roberto Beristain, who originally hails from Greece, owned a restaurant in Indiana. Before buying the restaurant, Eddie’s Steak Shed, Roberto used to serve as a worker there for almost eight years. After taking over the restaurant, he employed many people to work for him and the current number stands at 20.

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This restaurant, a much-loved one in Indiana is now facing a crisis as the owner is being held in detention in Kenosha, Wisconsin. What awaits him is a fate of deportation!

His wife Helen and other family members are putting in great efforts and not letting any stone unturned to see that he stays back in the country. They are creating a buzz about Roberto being kept in custody at a detention center.

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Roberto was according to them a law abiding citizen who was a regular tax paying businessman. The family members said that he loved the US and deserves to be staying in the country as he has not rubbed the law of the land on the wrong side.

With the introduction of a peculiar measure by the Trump Government which stated that

“The cases of deportation have to be prioritized and that any event that may have occurred evn a few decades back qualifies for forceful removal from the country if it has violated a particular law at that point of time.”


The reason for Roberto’s looming deportation to Mexico is a measure introduced by President Trump, which widened the scope of cases to be prioritised for deportation. No longer focused on criminals, current regulations mean that an incident from almost two decades ago now makes Roberto eligible for forceful removal from the US.


In the case of Roberto, as explained by Helen, the couple had taken a wrong turn during their trip to the Niagara Falls in the year 2000 and had by chance crossed the border into Canada. As a result, they accidentally crossed the border into Canada.

When this was found out by the police, Roberto was asked to return to Mexico voluntarily. But Roberto had to stay back with his wife who at that time was pregnant, thereby continuing his life in the US.

Roberto’s inability to comply with the order to return voluntarily has caused has rubbed the law on the wrong side as per the expanded deportation remit.

Helen has expressed shock over the incident and said,

“We don’t want to have cartels here, you don’t want to have drugs in your high schools, you don’t want killers next to you. You want to feel safe when you leave your house. I truly believe that. And, this is why I voted for Mr. Trump.”

The irony is that even though, Roberto was concerned about a Trump presidency, as he would try to “get rid of the Mexicans”. Helen was sure that the US would be rid of foreign criminals if Trump came to power!

Now she regrets her decision, as her own husband is getting affected. Meanwhile, the family members are taking care of the restaurant. All that they can do now is create awareness about his plight with the hope that things will be sorted out in their favour.