Villagers Found Boy Inside Huge Crocodile When Cut Open

crocodile tradegy 1

This place is Zimbabwe where this dreadful incident took place. There was this video captured by phone which shows villagers in Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland Central Province, cutting open a crocodile to show the devastating remains of a child who’d been recently eaten by this giant crocodile.

When the villagers suspected that the fearsome crocodile has eaten a child, the Mirror reports, they shot him dead and then they tore his stomach to find the remains of the boy.

crocodile boy tradegy

It was a mortifying scene, on cutting open the monster’s body, their suspicions were confirmed. However, this loss cannot be fulfilled but people should be cautious about kids and their surroundings. This whole scene was captured by an eye witness in the village of Mushumbi Pools and brave volunteers can be seen dissecting the creature and removing the remains of the lost boy.

Experts believe a recent spate of crocodile sightings and attacks is due to the rising river and water levels due to the heavy rain, which has been hitting the country recently.

What a tragic story. Thoughts are with the family, the villagers and anyone affected by this incident.