Vantablack Is The Blackest Black Of The World That Makes Three Dimensional Things Look Flat

Have you ever thought of black having any shade or intensity? No?

But it is a fact that just as all other colours can have a lighter and darker shade, the color black too can have variations.

For example, Vantablack developed by a UK company in 2014 is considered to be the “world’s blackest black” is being upgraded to a new version of itself.

Surrey NanoSystems developed the blackest black with the help of densely packed carbon nanotubes.


And created a substance that is almost non-reflective, absorbing a whopping 99.6% of the light hitting its surface.

This is not all. Actually, things are getting more black that ever!


The company has tried its best to push the limits of what can be considered as the most black and have recently developed Vantablack 2.0

It is claimed to be even blacker than the “blackest black”.

Surrey NanoSystems’ spectrometers while testing the latest version, couldn’t even detect it. Wow, now how black that would be really!


Vantablack attracted the frenzy of the press particularly when the British artist Anish Kapoor wanted to have an agreement where could only exclusively use the Vantablack.


He offered to help develop new uses of this blackest black material in exchange for those rights.


However, this didn’t go down well with the public, who felt that a substance of this stature should be available freely to various artists to showcase and utilize their creativity.


While the original vantablack substance is “free space material that doesn’t tolerate handling”, Vantablack 2.0 is “a solid coating that is far more tolerant” the interesting part would be to wait and see in what all ways the new blackest black will be put to use.


This video here demonstrates that Vantablack 2.0 cannot be detected by lasers, making it the new “blackest black”.

3-D objects appear to be 2-D ones with the use of Vantablack!

The wrinkles in the foil were almost not observed when covered with Vantablack. It really looks flat!