Use Lego The Innovative And Creative Ways For Beautifying Your House

Any household that has a kid or two will surely have a huge pile of LEGO blocks scattered here and there! For the last several decades, children are bound to get bored after playing with them for a few days.

So when your kids stop playing with those toys, what should you do? Shove them away from sight in some hidden drawer? Nah, please.

There are many ways you can put the LEGO blocks lying idle in your house to some great use. But before we go on to reveal the different ways you can use lego blocks, here is a brief note on the founder.

Lego was first created by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1934; since then, over 400 billion of the familiar plastic bricks have been made!


Given the way the toy blocks lying scattered everywhere on the floor of your house, I am sure you have been irritated on stepping them every now and then! So no more of those frustrations as there is a great solution to the problem.

These are simple and practical projects that you can do all by yourself or even involve your kids who are surely going to oblige quite happily.

LEGO Magnets

You can easily turn the Lego blocks into fridge magnets by merely using some plain magnets and a hot glue gun. You may even paint the blocks to get the desired colors in case you are not fond of the primary colors of red, blue and green.


Lego Coasters

Small LEGO creations, like little houses, butterflies or lady bugs, can also be made into magnets in a similar way.


Key Holder

Ah, everyone loves to have a well-organised house, where you don’t have to look for things here and there. Lego can help you a bit in that too. You can use them to make a nice key keeper/holder.  You need to just drill a hole in a flat block so it can loop onto your key chain, and then paste it to the decorative plate.



The Ring project

This is a good method to get rid of unused Lego pieces by gifting them away. Does this get you interested in finding other creative uses of Lego bits? Please explore and let your imagination run haywire!


Photo Frame


Device Dock


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