Two Friends Go On A 'Homiemoon' To Thailand

If some couple posts some nice photograph on Instagram, most other people follow them by posting in a similar fashion and posting up their pics and render yourselves just mere copycats.

Wait for a minute folks before you go and on with the same idea. Honestly speaking, doesn’t it get boring? Original thing looks great and so it has worked. Why do people have to follow suit? They should let their imagination run wild and come up with some unique piece, no?

This is exactly what these two friends did. To get rid of the boredom, they came up with a great idea. They decided to post a series of their own “Homiemoon” photos.


Matias Meneses and Pete Podrid were friends since they were in high school.

They had been hanging with one another often after joining the high school football team.


This group of three very close friends decided to go on a trip to Thailand, but unfortunately one of the three friends couldn’t accompany them as he was recently engaged. The trip was proposed by Meneses as one of his friends who stayed in Thailand was all praise for the place and wanted them to visit and see for themselves.


Meneses had told in an interview,

“My friend/coworker lived in Thailand for several years and raved about how amazing everything was there. He recently moved back and I had to go visit him and see for myself,”  since Meneses and Pete were the only two to go on the trip, instead of three, they decided to call their trip “homiemoon.”


Homiemoon, is a term interestingly coined by the friends.

“I was just trying to find a play on words with the honeymoon. Homiemoon was the one that sounded the best. I’m sure I am not the first person to think of it, but I did arrive at it independently.”

They wanted to celebrate their Homiemoon by taking a spoof at the famous “follow me” photo series in their own unique way.

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Meneses said in his interview to BuzzFeed,

“I constantly see pictures of couple and engagement photo shoots which I always thought were a little over the top. The ‘follow me’ pic always seems like the overly dramatic relationship goal. I thought it would be funny with burly Pete instead of some petite gorgeous woman. If you know Pete, it makes it that much more hilarious.”


“I honestly didn’t think it would go viral. It’s kind of excited and unnerving at the same time., Matias has been wanting to get to the front page of Imgur for a long time but always fails. I feel bad for him actually it’s really sad. This was big and I’m so proud and stoked to be a part of it.”

So, what are you up to? gearing up for a honeymoon or a homiemoon?