Nature Played A Hair Prank On Twin Sisters. They Took It To Another Level

For a girl if her hair is perfect everything is perfect, and what is perfect hair? Silky, smooth, straight, wavy hairs, exactly this is what we care about isn’t it? Not only this we are judged on basis of length of our hair like if a girl prefers short hair she is ultimately tagged as tom-boy, bold, outrageous etc. Similarly, if she is not careful about her grey hair she is boring, geek, sadist and so on.

More info: Cipriana Quann | Tk Wonder | Urban Bush Babes

In the black community of America where hair statement is as important as a social statement, Twin sisters Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder, have taken a stand.


Letting their hair grow naturally long with original texture, volume, and colour which is a kind of rebellion act in the world of hair fashion.


Though once they were not happy with their hair quality but now they are famous worldwide for unique hair style.


Takenya aka TK Wonder is a songwriter and singer while Cipriana Quann is the co-founder and editor in chief of Urban Bush Babes.


Initially, They hated their hair as they are unsystematic and also quit modelling but then started accepting them.


The twins want to encourage women around the world to live with originality not only of hair but everything.


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