Trump Voter Realizes That Her Own House On The Border Wall That Falls In Mexico

Sometimes, you intend to get one thing but on the contrary, you get another! Similar is the story of this Trump voter who hoped to have some of her dreams fulfilled by bringing him to power.

But what actually resulted is the fact that the authorities have found her house situated at the border wall to be on the other side in Mexico. Donald Trump had been completely vocal about his plans so he can’t be put to blame, right?


But many of his supporters are surprisingly being affected by those same plans that they had voted for thinking it wasn’t applicable to them. What an irony of fate!

CNN produced a special report on the people being affected by the construction of the border wall.

They spoke to various people, including this couple in Brownsville, who ended up getting sandwiched between a piece of the U.S. border wall and Mexico’s almost ten years ago, when the government seized their land, leaving them weirdly cut off from the country.

They cannot even have access to their home without huge passing through the big gate controlled by the government. Many other were in for a shock.

Pat Bell of River Bend, Texas has a home very very close to the border.

Though she voted for Trump but she never wanted the wall to be constructed because she knew her home was on the other side of the border. She told the CNN reporters that fences and walls don’t work and that she would fight against it.

Bell explains,

“Absolutely I would go to the people who are in charge and, you hate to say I would get a lawyer, but if it comes to that issue, you would,”

Unfortunately for Bell, there is hardly any hope of her winning against the administration.

Of course the litigation can limit the construction work, however, records show that normally popular domain seizure trials go in the favour of the government.

As can be seen from the above case, there may be two persectives of what is “right and fair”, one perspective would be of the government and the other of the people.