Train Running Through Residential Buildings In China, What A Clever Design

When it comes to innovations and smartness, the Chinese people rank pretty high. they love to overcome challenges by creativity and thinking out of the box. China has been in the news recently for many of those outside the box projects that they have taken up.

metro in building

Being the highly populated country in the world, it is continuously on its toes, to make the life of its people better and more convenient. Due to the huge populations, roads are congested, traffic is huge.

So in order to avoid causing further slow down of traffic, the Chinese authorities developed elevated buses that could easily move over smaller cars. This was indeed a great innovation to reduce traffic jams.It was designed in such a way that it represented half tram, half bus, it was built on purpose to increase road space and reduce traffic density.

What a commendable achievement! have a look at the image below:

elevated bus

And now there is another development that is so revolutionary and awe-inspiring. In a city called Chongqing, fondly known as the Mountain City also due to its location, is a city in the south-eastern part of China. Imagine, this small city of China has a population that is 6 times that of London and New York. The population stands presently at 49 million people.

It compelled the planners and architects to push their imagination and solve the challenges facing them to accommodate such a huge population and make their lives simpler.

You may find it hard to believe but they have successfully done it. The railway station is built into the block of houses – lying between the 6th and the 8th floors.

Concerned about the noise? After all who would like to have a train streaming through their flats? This isn’t an issue as the engineers have been able to diffuse the noise by using special equipment and the sound coming from the passing train is as mild as that from a dishwasher.

The planners didn’t have to demolish the buildings to make way for the tracks. Commendable job indeed!