Told To Pick A Different Toy, The Toddler Shuts The Cashier Up

They say ignorance is bliss. Kids may be ignorant, but one should never think they are fools. If they like something and ask for it then they mean business there. You may not be successful in coaxing or requesting them to have a replacement for what they set their eyes on.

So when little Sophia Brenner, set her innocent glance on something that she desired to have, she really wanted it.

When adults chipped in to convince her to take something else that was equally or even better, she managed to even teach adults a lesson or two.


She was being rewarded for a big accomplishment. She was being potty trained, managed to do it for a month and had passed the test. So as a price for her success she was given the choice to pick any toy she wanted. She chose a big doll as the reward.

When they were checking out, the cashier suggested that she should pick a beautiful fair doll just like her instead of the black doll she had taken.

That was really a stupid concern of the cashier. No wonder she got the lesson of her life, that too from a little girl. The mother of the girl posted the details of the incident on Facebook and it instantly became viral.


The little girl asked the cashier to look deeply and said they, in fact, I were similar as both had stethoscopes and both were pretty with beautiful hair. Such greatness is there in innocence.

And the absolute truth lay in the statement of the child. The mother’s post garnered over.

4,100 comments, many appreciating the little girl’s great sense. Many even posted pictures of their own kids with a diverse collection of dolls.



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