Teenage Designed A Remarkable T-Shirt To Defend Her Sister From Dress Code Violation

The purpose of dress code in schools is to prevent girls from being sexually victimised but paedophiles don’t need any reason to prey on any child.  If we ignore paedophiles and consider normal eve teasing and molestation cases then sometimes it is the dress codes itself that represent girls by making their bodies more presentable.

Isabella Villegas, an 18-year-old teenage girl from Kansas refused to let her little sister Grace’s school impose these sexist double standards on her.

On Monday Grace, student of Middle school  wore an off shoulder pink top to school , she said that “The day before I had bought it with my own money and I was excited about it and so I just wore it, I went into school and I received some looks from teachers, just not nice looks. Instantly I was like — okay, I’m going to get dress-coded and I felt the need to change.”

low top dress violation

When her older sister Isabella heard about the experience, she got very angry as there was nothing wrong and inappropriate with the top , she then decided to take a stand against this low standard judgement on girls dressings and made t-shirt of her own.

sisters dress

She made a white t-shirt with rules of dress code violation and told her sister to put it in her locker and if they say her to change again, change into that t-shirt.

dress violation (2)

On a plain white T-shirt, she wrote, “Dress code: promotes the objectification and sexualization of young bodies, blames the wearer for the onlooker’s perceptions/actions, perpetuates rape culture, is BS.”

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