Soothing Music Emanates From The Sea In Croatia With A 230 Ft Organ

There is absolutely no limit to how far the human imagination and creativity can go. When this imagination is in sync with nature then something highly fascinating emerges. Take a look at this example.

In a small town in Croatia, a sea organ called “Morske Orgulje” in the local language there harnesses the energy of the tidal waves to create some haunting yet soothing sounds.

This is a stunning collaboration of man-made or artificial instrument and the elements of nature to create magic. The sea organ is 230 ft wide and it helps in harnessing the energy of the winds and waters of the Adriatic sea to create a melodious sound that seems to be in harmony with their surroundings.


The sea organ was developed and designed by an architect, Nikola Basic. He is a resident of Croatia. The sea organ was inaugurated for the public in the year 2005.

There is a fine play of the water and the wind energy that pass through the holes at the bottom of the steps and create sounds with the help of the resonance created in the chambers there.

This work was done in the coastal Croatian town called Zadar, the architect Nikola Bašić had been commissioned by town authorities for creating a unique piece of public art. They wanted it to depict the town’s history dating back to the stone age. They wanted to capitalise on their gorgeous shoreline.


It was then incorporated with Adriatic Sea in his design for the Zadar Sea Organ. It is a one-of-a-kind installation that produces captivating music, with the help of the sea waves.


The sounds resonating from these chambers leaves through the holes in the steps reaching up to the highest steps. The site has gained popularity due to this unique feature of the sea and is a famous tourist spot. Many visitors are seen having lunch there. These are the people who are mainly residents of nearby localities.


During the world war II the site was damaged as Zadar, the small town in Croatia where the sea makes harmonious sound, was devastated completely due to the impact of the war. Though reconstruction work was carried out at Zadar, the site lost most of its charm and became uglier in appearance due to the non beautification of the concrete structures. The reconstructed site has lost most of its earlier grandeur.


But whatever be the case, the fascination and the charm emanating from the organ-sea can never be denied. It has to be heard to understand how incredible it really is. It seems as if nature is communicating with the people there.