Something Is Missing In This Political Meeting Deciding The Fate Of Women Health

The President of America and the Vice-President, Donal Trump and Mike Pence respectively, were present at a meeting recently held with a group of GOP congressmen.

The House of Caucus. The main agenda of the meeting was to frame and finalise the details of the bill related to the healthcare sector.

A group of politicians with mike pence sitting around a table wearing a suit and tie

The main concern of the members was to decide whether maternity care and mammograms should be included as essential treatments in the Republican Bill.

It was evident in the meeting that the members of Freedom caucus did not want to treat these two issues as a requirement and they wanted to do away with these issues from the Bill.

The implication of this decision would be that health insurance plans would no longer cover these two aspects.

Nothing wrong in deciding about various aspects of a bill, but when it is got to do with women, why not have a single female member in the group too to express her views and opinions on the subject that predominantly concerns about woman’s health issue. See the irony? The photos here show all-men group deciding on.

See the irony? The photos here show all-men group deciding on an important aspect of a healthcare bill concerning women.

People took to twitter to criticise the move. Here are some glimpses of it below: