Someone Said There’s No ‘Christian Version’ Of ISIS, Gets Trolled By Muslim Lawyer

Just as no two humans beings are alike similarly not all people from a particular religion or sect can be considered to be violence infusing extremists.

But sadly enough many people just out of their ignorance group an entire religious community as terrorists. Good and bad both kinds of people are found everywhere in all kinds of religions, regions and communities than exist in the world.

Qasim Rashid, who is a lawyer in Washington, DC, shockingly gets harassed on the Internet by anti-Muslim propagandists on quite a regular basis.

Has he done anything wrong? No! Then why? Just because he follows the doctrine of Islam.


Rashid recently received a message on Twitter from someone he described as a “white supremacist” in which the sender claims that there is no “Christian version of ISIS.

In his defense, he wrote a huge post stating why the Christians were to be blamed more for extremist activities rather the Muslims.



He cited details of Bush’s attack on Iraq and so on.


He generated a lot of debate with some positive ones as well that went on to support his views on the Christian version of the ISIS.

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