Snakes Get Pierced By Spikes In His Nocuous Effort To Feast On Porcuppine

Pythons are deadly snakes and can grapple any living organism in their reach.

They are frightening for every creature, but we have never witnessed a python eating a porcupine, but recently a footage became viral of such incident.

A bird sits on a beach

A giant python which, like its way of killing every prey after suffocating it, tried to feast  on a porcupine and  no sooner he a died sadistic death.

A bird sits on a beach

The impaled reptile had apparently attempted to eat the porcupine – but came off worse when the animal defended itself with quills.

A bird sits on a beach

The Python in hardly two minutes perished, while a man records its pain.

The ingested porcupine’s quills presumably pierced the python’s intestines, which  had killed the animal.


A video was  captured  in Brazil,of a snake the slithering as dozens of white quills poked its skin.

Dog started barking at it and things got worsen, the wounded snake tried to defend and in the process it got more damaged.

The video received various sympathy comments like ‘Help the poor thing out.’ And ‘Bad day for th-e snake. Put it out of its misery. Looks painful’.

Some were sarcastic : ‘That’s a new fashion statement!’