Using Smartphone At Bedtime Is An Absolute Disaster For Brain And Body

Many people if this generation, including you and I, are so accustomed to using smartphones before we finally try to fall asleep that we hardly give a thought to the repercussions it might be having on our health.


Before bedtime, it’ seems as if there is some mandatory obligation to scroll through various posts on social media, particularly, Facebook.

Some even have the habit of checking emails, innumerable times. The process of staying glued to the phone and straining the eyes and thumbs goes on for well over an hour and then we finally turn it if and keep it aside.


The effect of this staying awake till late talks a toll on our health. A person with this habit will not feel fresh or energetic in the morning. In fact, he or she will feel tired all day.

Eyes will surely feel the stress more and they may even suffer from a headache. The people will not be productive enough throughout the day. In spite of all this, you do not try to give up on this habit, of course, neither do I! But folks, it is high time we pay heed to this all important advice of not using the phone at bedtime.


But folks, it is high time we pay heed to this all important advice of not using the phone at bedtime.

According to a recent study on Norwegian teenagers, it was found that more the use of technological gadgets, high were the risk of sleeplessness. More the use of these devices more was the risk of sleep deprivation syndrome found.

Young girl texting

Some scientists believe that the blue light combined with the LED screen is making the human brain produce less amount of sleep hormones.

Some other scientists are of the opinion that the fear of the teenagers of losing out on some information or update as also the fear of not being connected is making them lose sleep. It is also causing anxiousness among them.


This sleep deprivation syndrome can make them have low self-esteem, gain weight and become underperformers in life. Teenagers have a different sleep timing, they usually sleep late due to their over involvement in social media activities.

Internet usage in Bed

There are certain timings which are established by scientific facts to be accurate to achieve sound sleep. We should follow these timings to sleep well and stay healthy.

Remember the old adage “early to bed and early to rise, makes jack healthy, wealthy and wise”? Let’s follow it!