Savage 5 Year Old Geography Genius Roasted Trump On Ellen Show

It was supposed to be a cute moment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when 5-year-old geography expert Nate Seltzer was invited for his extraordinary talent about knowledge of the world.

Instead, 5-year-old geography genius laid down some hot fire on President Donald Trump, which was more fun.

ellen trump kid

While answering the questions from Ellen about his self-drawn world map, he was asked who was standing inside Russia, the little Nate dropped the big fireball: “Trump.”

Wow, so the genius kid’s got well-timed jokes. But his actual drawing of Trump is also pretty good because it makes Trump look like an angry bird.

Ellen asked why he added Trump in middle of Ellen asked why he added Trump in middle of Russia, Nate simply said, “cause he likes Russia.” Fair point, buddy.

map kid ellen trump

However, the interview continued with the mastermind, with his geographical knowledge related amazing answers but this quick troll was the centre of attraction that became limelight of the show.

Mr President is everyone’s favourite at some extent. Cheers to this kid, hopefully, he will be more humorous and intelligent in the future.