Amazing Revival Of Homeless Kitten Found With Low Survival Rate

This is a tragic story of Yuri, the cat. He was found in a garbage bin with his sister, they were about two weeks old,” said Max, Yuri’s person. He found both under sewer, covered with dirty stuff and mites. No one thought he would make it through the night, but Max refused to give up on this little kitten.

This story is of Yuri’s new life.


Max parents carried Yuri’s sister with them as she was healthy while Max took Yuri for proper care and nursing.


When Max and his girlfriend Roni went to Doctor for Yuri’s treatment, he was diagnosed with a critical case of cat flu, and the vet doctor said that his eyes are almost damaged. It is not possible to recover and also there is no chance of survival except a miracle. The couple were devastated by the news, but they kept hope and took every measure to save the innocent life.

“It was very obvious that he wanted to keep going,” Max said. “His life was full of a lot of turns for the worse but he somehow had the will to live.”


After every three hours, one of them clean the kitten eyes and gave medicine prescribed by the doctor.

They changed his blankets and hot water bottles to keep him always warm.


Roni carried Yuri to her work for around two months, which was so motherly connection with an animal.

Yuri also responded with the same spirit and like a fighter, he sooner got little healthy.


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