Reason Why People Are Upset With This Jewelry Billboard

Everyone knows that advertising and publicity are an absolute must for a company to create awareness about its brands and trigger purchase decision among its prospects.

But shouldn’t companies be ethical and considerate towards the sensibilities of the people while publicising their product? Can all publicity efforts be taken without raising any doubt or concern? When you cross limits in advertising you have to face the backlash of the masses and who knows your brand might craft negative emotions too.


A similar thing recently happened when the billboard of a jewellery brand on twitter read “sometimes, it’s ok to throw rocks at girls”.

The jeweller in question is the Spicer Greene in Asheville, North Carolina. Instead of being a great humor, the jeweler’s tweet has garnered protest from people and many have responded with outraged tweets. It seems as if the jeweller is propagating violence. Some felt it was a great marketing mistake.




Some thought people are getting too sensitive.

Someone savage replied her:

They issued a longer apology on Facebook and Twitter.

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