Real Life Face Of Disney's Moana

Who didn’t know Moana, Disney’s most unapologetically feminist princess yet, passing the Alison Bechdel tests? She is one of her own kind, this Polynesian princess doesn’t need a love live, or attention from other sex.


Moana’s an independent powerful young woman with a realistic body type of non-sexualised features, she is on an adventure to save her island, and her journey is very tough and interesting.


The film’s directors Ron Clements and John Musker said that:

“There was never a romance in [Moana’s] story. It was a True grit thing of this young girl on a quest, and the balance of nature and the fate of her world is at stake. We made her legs fuller and her hips are fuller to make her capable of these action stunts that we wanted to do, where she can dive off cliffs and those sort of things.”

moana doppleganger-11

Anyway, a genius artist has now re-imagined what this badass Disney princess would look like in real life and the result is beautiful.

Taking to Instagram, the artist wrote: “So many requests for this one – and I finally found some time [to] give her a go! So without further ado, here is my take on #Moana.”

Digital artist and illustrator Jirka Väätäinen has previously imagined other Disney princesses and villains as “real” people with stunning results.







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