When Professor Kelly From BBC Interview Replaced By A Woman

The ‘funniest interview of the year’ of the political scientist Robert E. Kelly, when his little daughter showed in BBC interview. He had been speaking to the BBC via Skype about the impeachment of president Park Geun-hye, when his daughter, Marion, marched confidently into his home office.

His nine-month-old son, James, slipped in shortly afterwards in a baby walker, followed by his wife, Kim Jung-a, who dramatically chased and expertly extracted both children as Kelly tried to maintain his on-camera composure. This went viral last week.

But how differently would the interview have played out if it had been a mother, rather than a father?


That’s the idea behind this parody video from New Zealand comedy duo Jono and Ben, which puts Professor Kelly’s character in a woman.

It began to like when a child enters the room, the woman picks her up and gives her milk while continuing to calmly answer her interviewer’s questions about Korea then the next a toddler steps in, who she hands a toy too – and, without giving too much away, things intensify from there. Sooner next child arrives, then the woman is shown making dinner and cleaning a toilet. And it continued as a SWAT team shows up and the mother has to diffuse a bomb.

Though the purpose of this video was to create a fun environment but some groups on facebook and other social media are calling it a sexism issue. Well, there were also good and funny responses and nothing is real popular unless it faces some controversy issues. Overall act was funny, the effort was good and excluding sexism, there was no other objectional issue.