Here Are 10 Potato Hacks Other Than Mashing Them

6. Get rid of baggy eyes with potatoes.

Just as a cucumber is used over the eyes, potatoes can also be used to cool and relax the eyes. They also grant a sparkle to your eyes.


7. Is food highly salty? Use a potato to desalinate.

It is common that sometimes, the food that you prepare with so much effort doesn’t taste good because of the excess salt in it. Drop some pieces of potatoes in it and they will absorb the excess salt, making the food taste yum!


8. Potato water can be used for polishing silver.

After boiling potatoes, do not throw away the water, rather let it cool and use it to polish silver vessels or jewellery.


9. If the grater is full of old cheese stuck on it, clean it with a potato.

potatoes can help clean a grater that has some old cheese stuck on it.


10. DIY crafts with potatoes

Explore your creativity or even entertain your kids by carving various shapes and designs on a sliced potato.


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