Here Are 10 Potato Hacks Other Than Mashing Them

Though some people crave for potato chips, fries and other items made from potato, there are others who do not like it at all. Potato is not only useful as a food item to be consumed but it can also have other important applications.


Here are some important uses of potatoes other than for eating purposes! This starch-rich vegetable is highly important for the following:

1. Want to remove broken light bulb from the socket? Use potato!

To get the broken light bulbs out from the socket cut a potato in half and “screw” it onto the shards, then remove by twisting. Just make sure you have switched off the light before doing so or you might end up with a baked potato!


2. Light up your room with potatoes!

Potatoes can be used as a night bulb.  All you need is some copper wire, a penny and some zinc nails and of course a light bulb. This can get you a chemically created nightlight.


3. Remove rust with potatoes and clean cutlery too!

Cut a raw potato and dip it in baking soda, then rub the surface of cutlery pots pans etc and be sparkled with their shine.


4. Use a potato to defog the windshield of your car.

If your car’s windshield is getting too foggy and hard to see during the humid winters, then rub a slice of potato all over it. It clears the glass! It can similarly be used to clean up shower doors, swimming goggles and even mirrors.


5. When beaten by insects, use a potato to treat the affected areas.

The anti-irritating and soothing properties, found in potatoes help in reducing the pain and swelling.


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