People Hilariously Tweeted On #marchdadness Jimmy Fallon Asked For

On Thursday, Jimmy Fallon the host of famous The Tonight Show asked fans to tweet him their best dad jokes by using the “MarchDadness” hashtag, and you won’t stop  laughing so hard at them, as they are so funny and cheesey. We love Jimmy Fallon’s hashtags segment, especially when he asks viewers to share their funniest family stories.

jimmy fallon

As expected where dad jokes are involved, the responses were the equally funny, punny, cheesey and cringe. But just like the dads who make the jokes, we can’t help but love them. From knock-knock jokes that play on Sean Connery’s accent, to goofy gags with coffee cups, Fallon had all.

Below are some tweets from #MarchDadness by Jimmy Fallon:

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